Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BinoBag is Done!

I finished the binocular bag I was working on. It was my first felted knitting project and I like how it turned out. I think the yarn was heavier than it needed to be because the felting process really thickens up the fabric. This will provide great protection for my borrowed binos, however, and someday I'll buy a new pair for myself to put in it.

I like the idea of felting because it's more art than science. Yes, you know the wool will shrink and glom together, but you don't know exactly how. The felting process consists of throwing the piece in a lingerie bag and agitating it with hot hot soapy water for 5-15 minutes or so. You pull it out every 5 minutes or so and put it back in if it's not done.

The funny thing was, once it was done and sitting on the plastic-bag-covered-cracker box to block (be blocked?) I felt like I didn't have anything to do. I sort of wandered around the house, and poked around the internet. Yes, I need the next project. I thought about finding something to read, but it didn't appeal as much as doing something with my hands.
So, Mr W and I are off to the yarn shop after work today. I'm thinking a new backpack-style purse, felted, and in the not-so-subtle color scheme of red, orange and pink.


  1. Yea! It looks great! Is there a strap? I still can't decide what to knit next. I have 2 skeins of Rowan calmer in yellow that I wanted to make these in, but can't get the gauge right.

    Don't forget to print the coupon from the My Sister Knits site! Hopefully it applies to what you get today!

  2. Thanks! Nope, no strap. The strap to the binoculars themselves is the strap, and the flap holds the thing closed (button closure forthcoming).

    Wow, those glove-y things look complicated! I like the lacey springness of them.

    I'll check for coupons. :-)


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