Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A bit disappointed

The other day, I saw a posting for a job that was a really good fit for me. It was working with plants, doing ecological genetics as a postdoc in a lab here in town. It would take advantage of what I learned in school, as well as what I've learned in my present job. At the same time, the professor posted a part time lab tech job, and I got her approval to apply for a position doing both jobs.

Offering to do both jobs was an economic necessity. Yes, getting a postdoc is a big step up from working as a teaching assistant or research assistant, but I can't pay my bills on a postdoc salary alone. Between both positions, I could make what I'm making now. What a sweet deal.

Unfortunately, the professor emailed me yesterday, saying that her revised budget wouldn't allow her to offer the lab tech position after all, so only the postdoc was open, and did I still want to be considered for that. Damn. I wrote her back saying that while I was really interested in the job, I would have to withdraw my application because I couldn't live on the salary.

I'd guess most postdocs still rent, as opposed to paying a mortgage, and they may or may not have a kid or two to support. But I just can't take a 10K pay cut, even though this is a dream job. And that pisses me off a little bit.

It also makes me that much more grateful for my current job with the mosquitoes, even if I dread going to the insectary every day to take care of them.


  1. Oh Man that sucks! I'm really sorry to read that the job fell through. I know that you were looking forward to working with plants again.

  2. Thanks. Maybe I'll win the lottery...


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