Monday, April 14, 2008

Technology Wimp

OK, might as well start off with the most glaring examples of this. I don't have cable, and my TV has a whopping 9" screen. It does have a DVD player, so Mr W can either watch PBS, or videos when he's at my house. Otherwise, the TV doesn't get turned on much if he's not home. Somehow I find other things to do.

I had the dial-up internet connection from school until I graduated and was forced to find something else. I now have high speed cable internet, and that has been nice. It was a big deal for me to get and install (with the help of those nice customer service people) a wireless router, but it has been nice to not be chained to one spot with my computer.

Now CB, on the other hand, is technology savvy, uses the stuff and is willing to research the options to see what will serve him best. Isn't it nice how there is a balance in relationships like that? As I write this he's on his computer, processing sound recordings he made of bird calls. He has and uses his GPS to get him around when he's home and when he's traveling. He has a couple of digital cameras, a couple of ipods, you get the picture. He's comfortable with the technology and is willing (here's the difference) to put in the time to understand the capabilities of the thing.

I did, I am mildly embarrassed to admit, poke a bit of fun a couple of times at the amount of gear that gets brought along when we go on outings. But only a couple of times, because it readily became apparent that I was a direct beneficiary of his use of these gadgets. For example, we went to OH to see my family over Thanksgiving last year. I figured I could, from memory, get us from the Akron airport up to Mentor. Except that I hadn't ever actually driven that route myself. Enter CB with his handy-dandy GPS, and within a minute or two we had a route to follow and I didn't diss the gadgets ever again.

With any luck, maybe I'll never have to pick out the right TV out of the more than 58 (no shit, I counted the other day) hanging on the back wall at Best Buy. It's a bit of a relief and I can live with my 9" TV until then.

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