Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jogging the memory

Maybe it was writing about the iris yesterday. I had a dream about my sister right before I woke up this morning. Lots of symbols that I have to mull over, but it took place at a nice house that was in the woods, on a beautiful day. My sister and brother in law were there, and me. They were getting ready for her not to be there, preparing for her absence. They took her spoken words out of videos to construct an answering machine message. They showed me the list of words and it was written in my mom's handwriting. Then my brother in law was in a costume, he was wearing a white shirt and pants, and had sprayed himself with gold spray paint, but had missed a couple of spots in the back where he couldn't reach. I was helping to cut loose threads from the shirt she was wearing, which had a lot of strings on it anyway, almost like fringe, and it was tricky to find the threads amongst the strings. Finally, my sister and I said we loved each other and missed each other, hugged tightly and I woke up.

Anybody out there good at dream interpretation?

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