Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yup, that's how the web cast dissection of some big squid has been described. The Deep Sea News (DSN) blog, over at Science Blogs posted the story.

This is lifted from DSN:
Monster squid hunter extraordinaire Dr. Steve O'Shea will be dissecting giant and colossal squids and it will be webcasted LIVE from Te Papa Museum in New Zealand. It will be an event-filled week as Dr. O'Shea and his squidaliscious team of crack experts unlock the mysteries of deep sea squids, starting with the thawing!

Looks like it's scheduled from April 27-May 2. Go to DSN for updates.

I have been interested in giant (colossal, etc.) squid for years. First, I think I'm impressed by things that are so large and fierce. An eye the size of a basketball is nothing to sneeze at. Also, I think it's extraordinary that we don't know all that much about these creatures. Every once in a while one washes up on a beach , but scientists rarely get a glimpse of them.

I love a scientific mystery.
Image: Kathrin Bolstad.

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