Friday, April 4, 2008

Dog, owners: Part 2

It was bound to happen eventually. Mr W bought an inexpensive (read Styrofoam + a motor) remote-controlled airplane with some birthday money. We have gone to the dog park several times (3 or 4) to fly it, and make efforts to not launch it at any dogs. Occasionally some pooch comes over and checks it out when it lands, but all had left it alone. So far.

Yesterday, for some reason, MY dog, dear sweet Sally, picks up Mr W’s plane after it lands/crashes (it’s hard to tell sometimes) and runs off with it. She has ignored it all other times, but yesterday, she decides she’s going to run off with it. I of course start yelling at her and chasing her, and she eventually drops it.

Enter obnoxious beagle, with no manners whatsoever, who takes it as soon as Sally drops it and takes off for the other end of the dog park. This Bad Dog destroys Mr W’s plane, and Mr W is crying, and the other dog owners are nervously (god, I hope it was that) laughing that a dog would do this.

Some guy (I assume it’s the beagle’s owner) runs after Bad Dog, and eventually retrieves the pieces. He hands them back to me, saying “sorry about that”, and I say, “It’s OK, the dog didn’t know it wasn’t a dog toy”. Mr W, meanwhile has realized that this means a new plane for him, and is already scheming for the top of the line (well, our line, anyway) model, something like $160.00, and I’m saying, “probably not that much, we’ll have to see what’s available”.

The punch line: I see the guy leave the dog park WITH ANOTHER DOG. He wasn’t even Bad Dog’s owner. After that, I see Bad Owner skulking around the other end of the dog park and quietly leave with Bad Dog. I’ll have to thank the first guy next time I see him and his nice little pug, who stayed out of the fray.

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