Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I take care of yours if you take care of mine

I know, I know, I promised a post on ecological genetics, and it will be forthcoming. For the moment, I'm still immersed in the excitement/trepidation phase of considering this new job. One thing that is pretty darn expensive is kenneling my dear Sally.
I like the kennel that Sally goes to. They like her and take good care of her. But I guess it's a result of different dogs needing different things that I feel like I'm nickel and dimed to death. Basic lodging is $18, one daily turn-out to play with the other doggies is $5.50, her meds (which she gets only in the kennel because she gets the runs) are $2.00. So we're up to $25.50 per day. Of course they are happy, and it is convenient for me, to get her up to date on her vaccinations, and test her for heartworm. But the last bill, for 6 days, was $429.00 Ouch.

So, I'm working on a flyer to post at the dog school, offering an exchange of dog watching services. I watch someone's dog while they are away for a few days and they return the favor. I figure meeting them through dog school increases the chance that their dogs will be similar to Sally. It will have to be somewhat specific, though. The dog will have to be used to sleeping in a crate like Sally does, and will have to be able to be home (so as not to incur dog school expenses) every other day.

It's worth a try. Arf!
image: www.dogsdoright.com

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