Saturday, February 27, 2010

More thoughts on love

Dear self,
You're doing a pretty good job with this whole "being on your own" thing. Really. Compare yourself right after the divorce to where you are now, and you really seem like you are doing well: good job, healthy kid, nice little house, some hobbies, good friends. But you need to resist the urge to pursue relationships with men that SEEM like they should be a great fit.

Case in point, well, look at the situation you are in. This person found you on one of those online dating sites, you looked at the picture and felt, well, neutral. But the profile information was really interesting and intriguing and you liked where this person was coming from. Upon the first couple of meetings, there was a lot of common ground as to general outlook on life, professional stuff, religion, and you, dear Linda, thought that was enough that you should take the next step and point the relationship toward a physical one. Even though the ambivalence kept you up a couple of nights.

Let's just review this again. That's a bad idea. Make friends all you want with whomever you want, and save the good stuff for someone who you simply can't resist pointing that kind of affection towards, OK? And it's perfectly fine to go about your business for a while without "finding a partner" as one of your foremost goals. Honest. It's getting to be spring, and there's lots to do around your humble little house. So, try this, alright? Be single for a while and enjoy that ride.

Much love,

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