Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A post in which I bitch

There seem to be several things converging that are eating up my mental energy at the moment and I feel like I just want to rest. I'm fighting a head cold, so I'm stuffy and my voice is cracky. My dog park wipe-out is mostly better, except there's one spot to the right of my sternum that hurts when I stretch. I'll probably have to go get that checked out.

Work is kind of wacky. The graph I posted yesterday includes a cut to the entire line-item in the federal budget for vector-borne infectious disease (i.e. mosquitoes, ticks, fleas) programs. People seem to think they'll restore some of that, but that, combined with trying to shoehorn us into the new building (we were supposed to stay in the old building, but things changed and now we have to be accommodated by shuffling other people around) makes me feel like they might just say screw it, and cut the program.

I've gone around on this a bit, and I would be OK. I will do another post on what I've been thinking about career wise, but I can do OK on unemployment for a few months.

The other thing is that I feel like kicking myself because I haven't gotten far enough ahead in class prep, and I feel almost as swamped as I did last semester. And for no good reason, except I was waist deep in the online dating stuff, so I feel like my time was not well spent. I'll get time this weekend to catch up, and suspect I won't feel better until that is done.

One a bright note, Mr W turns 9 on Saturday. My sweet wumpkin is getting to be not so little anymore. I'm buying him an Erector set.

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  1. I have an Erector set boy...loves his Legos, too. I think I have my brother's kid, because those were his favorites in youth...and still. I'm planning on that gift for his 44th birthday next week!!
    I'm watching my FIL's business shrink to not enough. I am his bookkeeper with part time/flexible hours...shrinking, shrinking. I'll be interested in how you move forward. I have been the supportive DIL/clerical person, because of the flex and I have kids and lots of kid stuff, but I may be looking for a new money source, too! Kids like to eat, too!


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