Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barn Meal

Yesterday, Mr W and I attended a Barn Meal, hosted by Slow Food Denver. Over the course of the summer, they are sponsoring events at several local farms, and yesterday's was at the Windsor Dairy. Above is a picture of the couple that runs the farm, which produces organic raw milk. People buy a share of a cow, I believe, and then come to the dairy to pick up their share of the raw milk produced.
They keep goats, chickens and sheep as well. Here's Mr W with one of the friendly goats.
Since Mr W isn't all that big of a fan of organic farm tours (I'm working on converting him, honest) this is how he spent a lot of the tour.
Here's a picture of a few of their cows. They looked really healthy - shiny coats, regular-sized udder. Pretty cows. They are 100% grass fed, and the owners put a lot of effort into producing the proper mix of grasses and forbs in their pasture.
Here's where we ate lunch, which consisted of entirely too much meat, but was very yummy. If you look between the two men standing on the center left of the picture, there are a couple of cows having lunch with us. We had ice-cold raw milk as well, which was yummy. I already get my milk delivered in glass bottles from a local dairy, which is pasteurized and very good. The raw milk was good as well, and the flavor was milder, despite having to tip the jar a few times to mix the cream in so the first person pouring wouldn't get it all.

It was a fun day, and I hope to sign the kid and I up for another one or two this summer. Great to see lots of other people interested in this sort of thing as well.


  1. Looks like a fun day! I'm lucky that my 17yo son has decided to join me on the "less processed food" platform. How many teenagers do you know who willingly turn down Pop-Tarts!? It's less of an uphill battle changing what we eat when everyone's on board with the reasons why!

  2. Cool. I've heard great things about Windsor Dairy. Before we moved to the farm, we had Morning Fresh milk delivery, and I loved it. I wish they delivered to the middle of nowhere.


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