Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garden Pics 5-29-10

Here are some pictures of my gardens lately. Here are some links to what they used to look like here and here. They are doing great - still love the raised beds, although the irrigation is heavy on one end and light on the other. I think I might add another length of soaker hose to the right side bed and that should help.

Pretty much everything you can see here was bought as a start. Mr W and I planted more broccoli and carrots, and there's a cantaloupe I started from seed in the middle that I want to have grow UP the trellis (this should be interesting). I need to sow some lettuce seeds and more carrots here.

Here's the bed that needs more water. It gets more hot afternoon sun as well. This bed has my peppers and tomatoes on the right, herbs on the left, and I also planted 2 kinds (god help me) of zucchini on the left as well. Marigolds for some pizazz.

My new friend B helped me mulch this area the other day after I planted these annuals. I put all reds and pinks up here this year. You can see where my neighbor ran over the edging, and how the garden is simply perilously close to the alley, so this was sort of bound to happen. I'm thinking of getting bricks or pavers to lay here instead, and I can haul those with the new van (cha-ching!).

And, finally, these came with the house, and I need to move part of this clump to the garden where it will get more water. These humble iris smell like grape kool-aid. I had no idea this was possible, but it's true.


  1. Your garden is looking good! Doesn't it make the yard seem so much more "alive" to have so much out there growing??

  2. Congrats on the van!! The garden looks good. I had 1 Zucch last year and hardly any crop. It was so wet they would start and rot. I don't think 2 is too many...But I'm the women who planted well over 20 tomatoes last year in a too small spot. It's a live and learn process!!
    I have old street bricks around some of my garden stuff and it works to run the mower tire right up on the edge.


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