Saturday, May 8, 2010

UFOs and Mothers Day

With the semester winding down, I'm remembering that I like to knit. It's something I've essentially put away for the time I've been teaching at the community college in order to do all the prep that needs to be done. I also have a trip coming up where I'll be gone for 10 days, and that always says "knitting!" to me. A quick google search confirms there are a couple of yarn shops in Ithaca, so that's nice.

I was looking over my yarn, seeing what I should start on, or pick up again. No pictures, the batteries are dead - hopefully the camera will come today. I have about a half dozen UFOs with my knitting stuff. That's Unfinished Objects in knitting lingo. Projects that I've made good progress on, but have come to a point where either, 1) I've made a part of it too small, like the heel on the second sock of a pair, or 2) I've made a part too big, like the neck (i.e. the very first part) of a sweater that I've already worked on for at least 20 hours.

These projects languish for a few reasons. With the sweater, that neck isn't fixable. I'm also not wild about the color anymore. With the socks, the pattern makes it hard to rip back so I could redo the heel. I should just frog (completely undo the project) both and be done with it. It's hard to do that when it represents hours and hours of work, but it's not worth it to have something that I won't be happy with at the end.

And Mothers Day is tomorrow. It's too strong of a statement to say that I hate Mothers Day, but it's usually mostly a reminder of my losses, and eventually I have to go cry in the bathroom for 5 minutes. Mr W always has a little something he's made in school, and it's nice to be acknowledged for working hard to be a good mom. But it's a tough day, and I'll be glad to have it done.


  1. Aw, Linda, please don't feel so bad about Mother's Day. We all have our memories (baggage?) and I don't know what yours are but it sure seems to me that you put an awful lot of time, effort, and love into being a truly good mom to your son and THAT is one of the very most important things you can do in life.

  2. I agree. :-)

    It's good to focus on the things we can so something about. Thanks.

  3. Linda-
    Jordan directed us to a great yarn store in Albany when we were there for basketball this March! Enjoy knitting and if you stop over, you'll see it wasn't a great Mom's day in our town either, but hey, tomorrow's another day and we learn to deal...


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