Thursday, May 27, 2010

So close

Well, if all goes according to the grand plan, I should own this vehicle, the VW Vanagon campervan I've not been able to stop talking about, by late tomorrow. This is a view from the back bench seat with both of the tables set up and the driver's seat turned. The lid that covers the stove and sink is shown lifted on the left.

Not having researched used car loans lately, I was surprised to be offered a rate of 12.55% at my bank. I have a lower rate of 5.99% at the local credit union, and really hope I can finalize things with them today, as I'm scheduled to meet the seller (with a check in my hand) at the mechanic's tomorrow afternoon to finalize the deal. I'll leave it there while I go to my conference in Ithaca, and pick it up (all road-ready) when I come back. Insert happy dance here (boing, boing, boing).

If the loan doesn't come through today, the seller is very nice, and I'm fairly certain I could give him some money to hold onto it until I come back. I'd sure like to get it done before I go, though.

In other news, I had dinner with the new person I met online, and it turned into a 4 hour deal, which is always a good sign. It's been great fun so far.

And other, other news: today is the last day of school for Mr W. He's got a half day today, and then no school tomorrow (what on earth were those people thinking?) then is off for a week with his dad, and then to camp and then he and I will likely go to MN this summer to see my brother and his wife.


  1. It sounds like a few things are coming together - that's really cool! So, I'll see you either late Friday, or earlier Saturday. Do you have to go back to Ithaca on Saturday, or are you going back on Sunday? Just curious if yer visiting for a few hours, or for a night (or 2). Either way is great!

  2. Congratuations on all fronts, Linda. I am sorry I won't be able to see you in MN next week; maybe sometime soon?

  3. Are you going to bring the VW to MN?

  4. Hi Suzanne - I'm sorry too that I'll miss you. Hope you have a great visit.

    Mike - yes! The tentative plan is to drive to MN in mid-July. And other places the other weekends :-)

  5. Jordan, I'm planning on staying over Saturday night, and probably getting an early start on Sunday driving back to Ithaca. I hope to duck out of the conference a little early, around dinner time Friday, so that would put me at your place around 9-9:30.


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