Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No more wimpy batteries

I have an old, ancient (like 10 years old) digital camera that x's parents gave us before Mr W was born. It has no image stabilization, the screen is small, and worst of all, it eats up rechargeable batteries. I'm certain the battery thing is partly my failure to keep a good set of rechargeable batteries around, although it seems like I buy a new set every couple of months or so.

Mr W had a piano recital last Sunday, and I was there to record his 15 seconds of fame for posterity, and the batteries died. I vowed then and there to get a new camera, and ordered one of these yesterday, a Canon SD1200IS from Amazon. Good ratings, comes with its own little battery pack and charger, it should work better.

I'm looking forward to toting it around with me more, as I'm usually thinking "hey, that would make a good picture" when I'm out and about. I want to document this year's gardening efforts more as well.


  1. I feel guilty writing when I haven't had time to catch up on ALL your posts, but I'm excited for you with this little camera! You'll LOVE it! Try to make a point of ALWAYS having it with you - you'll get SO many more good pictures that way. I have a little pocket-sized Casio that I take with even when I'm doing chores!

    (Just remember to carry it IN its protective case or fine pieces of dirt from your chore coat pockets will work their way into the lens! [Ask me how I know this!])

  2. Ditto on what she wote. I've gotten in the habit of taking the camera with me every single time I go outside. When I go somewhere in the car, it's in my purse. When I walk around the yard, it's in my pocket (in it's protective thingy). When I'm inside, it's on top of the table where I can get to it quickly if I want. One of the things I looked for in my current camera is fast turn-on time. I missed a bunch of stuff with my last camera waiting for it to boot up.

  3. You for you! And again ditto on the protective case... You would be surprised at how much sand finds its way into your coat pockets. Turns out digital cameras don't like sand. Have fun! Lor

  4. Thanks, all - I feel good about this purchase. Jordan, I didn't even think about that feature, I was so focused (yuk yuk) on something with a decent battery life and good ratings that it didn't occur to me.

    Chicken Mama, I'm glad you find time to read my blog.

    Lor - come out to Colorado this summer!! Oops, that just slipped out :-)

  5. My daughter has a digital camera we got several years ago for Christmas and the battery situation is such that she never uses it. Can't find a pack that works in it and so regular batteries last next to no pictures. It's a waste of time to take it anywhere. Mine has a dock to charge it and transfer pictures and I've used it 4 or 5 years... works like a charm and I think only a couple of times have we run the battery out. But mine is bigger and won't go in the pocket and takes up a lot of room in a fanny pack...
    SO you have the best of both worlds there! Keep showing us pictures !!!

  6. I got the Canon SD1100IS about a year ago. I think it is a great little camera. Movie option works great too. Nice choice! I purchased an extra battery (from Amazon, not from Cannon) so I could always have a fresh one in case I ran out of power. Definitely worth it, especially while traveling.


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