Friday, May 14, 2010

Got gauge?

First, here's a picture of my humble assistant, the usually calm and always sweet Sally:
And then here's my gauge swatch. I'm starting a new pattern called Passiflora,. I found it on a site called the Twist Collective. The yarn is a delightful lavender and is a wool, silk, bamboo blend. Very nice. And I got gauge on the first time, how cool is that?


  1. I'm hoping to knit a sweater this year, so instead of a scarf or something that really doesn't matter, I'll need the gauge. I did it for the first time on our spring break to my sister's to make fingerless gloves-a very easy version. and it worked! So now I need to keep track a bit of what I did and what I came up with on that pattern.

  2. When I read your line "something that really doesn't matter" I know EXACTLY what you mean (I think). So much effort goes into a sweater - the expectations are high and we hope the thing fits well and looks good. It's a lot to ask :-)

    I have to force myself to knit a gauge swatch, I just want to get going.


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