Friday, May 28, 2010

Chicken or Egg

I am now the very proud owner of this van. I schlepped Mr W down to Boulder and back (an hour one way) to give the seller the check, and left it at the mechanic. I got to sit in the driver's seat and make "vroom-vroom" noises, but won't bring it home until after I get back from my trip.

The credit union where I got the loan from wanted me to take the title, which the seller signed over to me, over to the DMV and get a new title in my name. Unfortunately, since the seller had gotten a duplicated copy of the title only a few days before, I couldn't do this, couldn't get plates, but could get a temporary tag, and could pay sales tax. Okey-dokey. This ended up being OK, I showed the loan people all the stuff I had, including proof of insurance, and they gave me a check.

Shortly after this, I got a call from the mechanic, who noted that there weren't any plates on the thing, so they couldn't drive it around to check what they were fixing along the way. Oops. Looks like I will have to drive to Boulder one more time this weekend. It was nice of him to say he didn't want to leave my van out in the lot, so he was going to take it in, and I could slip the temp tag through the key drop.

I have been amazed at how many steps have been involved here. Gotta have this so you can get that, but it seems that the steps don't necessarily happen in order. Regardless, I'm two more round trips to/from Boulder and I can start using my mechanic up here. Yea!!


  1. Graycie "The Hippie Campervan" Kothera; the name has a nice ring to it. Congratulations, Linda and Mr. W... Happy Camping to you.

  2. Hey, congrats! You saw it, you wanted it, you got it. Have a feeling this will enable you and Mr. W to make some lifelong happy memories together.


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