Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog? What blog

I like to post 2-3 times a week, and haven't managed to do that lately. There's plenty going on, and it's fall, so the weather's been nice. Here's a couple of thoughts, with promises for pictures tomorrow.

Saturday I went to a potluck at the CSA farm that I bought eggs from this summer. The Boyles were very welcoming, and it was nice to meet other people who think the CSA thing is important. We took a tour of the place, and I'm so impressed at what they do there. At the same time, it put to rest any romantic notion that I want to be a farmer someday. I just don't have the chops, and that's OK, I'll invest in people that do.

One generous gesture the Boyles made was to let us pick flowers from their beds, as they were finished with most of them. I was making a visit to my former MIL later that afternoon, so picked 5 nice sized sunflowers to give to her. She's got macular degeneration, so her vision is poor. She was able to see the sunflowers, though, and really liked them.

It was sort of sad to visit with her. She's moved to the nursing home part of the facility because her arms just aren't strong enough to allow her to make reliable transfers in and out of her wheelchair. Her mind is OK, and she's pondering her fate. The room is small, and she shares it with a woman who has Alzheimer's. I need to get over there more to spring her and take her off site.

B and I hiked yesterday with Sally, and I am quite pleased to say that the 8 mile hike was about what I expected. I'm not sore, and feel like I've gotten in better shape with this hiking thing this summer, and would like to continue.

Guess that's it for now - pictures tomorrow.

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