Thursday, October 28, 2010


Say what you want about cell phones these days, but Verizon makes it very easy to get a new one into your hands. My two years with my regular phone were up earlier this month, and I assumed that, since I'd have the next one for two years, I'd get a smart phone. So, I'll pony up the extra money each month for the data service, and console myself with the fact that I don't subscribe to cable TV. Cable internet, yes, but not TV, much to the chagrin of Mr W.

Who has time to watch TV? I've gotten so used to sitting down in the evenings and pulling out my knitting, or the computer, or something to read that TV isn't even on my radar. When Mr W asks if we can PLEASE get cable like there is at his dad's house, it's easy for me to say that, sorry, I don't want to make the effort to watch more TV. So he'll just have to suffer when he's here, poor guy.

The phone is nice, though. Something that helped sell me on it is its GPS function. I like the idea that I can have directions at my fingertips; it helps me feel a little more safe and independent. And I can't get to my home email accounts from the computers at work, but I'll be able to with this. Not that it's been hard to survive during the day without them, of course. I guess I (like a lot of people) like the option of being connected on the go, if I want. The thing was in the kitchen, and I was in the living room on the computer, when I saw that I got a new email. The phone made a little noise to indicate the email, and I promptly got up and turned that feature off. I don't need to know when each one arrives.

In other news, I'm feeling pretty good, all things considered, about how things ended with B, and find myself gearing up to look again a little sooner than I thought I would. It helps when both parties are gracious about it. I find myself, well, OK with myself. I'm doing my thing, raising my kid, walking my dog, going to work, etc. It all feels like things are as they should be except for the long-sought-after partner I would like to have. I don't feel like there are deficits in me that have to be fixed by a man (unless you count stuff like my disdain for yard work other than gardening).

This feeling of things being OK has translated for me into an idea. Or, should I say, an IDEA. I want to go to Europe next summer, for 10 days or so. By myself. A modest trip, mostly to places where I'll be able to get by with a phrasebook, and it would serve as sort of a starter to whet my appetite for further travel. After dating CB, who travels literally all over the world for his work, and then B, who is also well-traveled, I found myself tired of waiting for someone to take me to Europe. I have always intended to go, and now I shall. I'm a big fan of Rick Steves, and have been reading his books.

Indeed, this is what happens when I'm apparently getting enough rest, and have time to think about things...


  1. That's a great IDEA. English works in many places in Europe, like the UK, Holland and Belgium. Spain and France, not so much, if you're not in a touristy area. Many of the cities are easy to get around without a car and lots of interesting stuff. Traveling by train is wonderful. Part I liked the least was dinners alone (mostly because the europeans eat long, slow dinners), but that's easy to get around by choosing sandwichy places, or just enjoying all evening in a restaurant.

    BTW-the book you sent hasn't arrived. Unusual for Amazon to be so slow...

  2. Italy! Italy! They're friendly, and you could just learn Italian. . .

    Last week for eggs tonight! Hope to see you there!

  3. Italy, for sure. My oldest fell for the exchange student and visited there twice with her and her family. He had Spanish in highschool and then even though he had broken up with the girl, chose Italian as his college language class and did very well.
    My hubby's exchange student from many years ago is in Germany. Always thought that would be a good connection for the travel. We'll be waiting to here all about the plans. Always thinking we'll do something like that after the kids are out of college, but we get around very well now!! no walkers, canes, or other apparatuses

  4. I had another idea the other day. I've gone to Oaxaca, Mexico twice for Christmas. Xmas in Mexico is Great! (Capital G).
    Stay with a family, walk to immersion spanish school, class for a few hours, lunch, then cultural lessons like salsa, weaving or cooking. Then conversation practice with a native who is trying to learn english, they speak english and you speak spanish back. Meet people from all over the world, Oaxaca is beautiful and christmas there is a revelation. They do the catholic things, but it's truly joyful for them. Think parades and dancing in the streets, they're so happy Jesus is born.

    Anyway - the idea is that we could go together some Xmas, if you like.

  5. Jordan - I think that's a fabulous idea! Mabye for next year? Mr W and I are flying to SC after xmas this year. Coincidentally, CB always does a Oaxaca tour where he leaves on Christmas day or thereabouts. Small world.


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