Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where's my camera?

My camera seems to have gone missing. I took a picture of Mr W with his Halloween costume on Friday morning, and now I can't find the thing. It stays in my purse, in its case, and when I went to get it this morning, it's not there. Hmm.

I went to a party last night, put my stuff down and didn't really think about it for the two hours I was there. It seems unlikely that someone would have the balls to open up my purse and take the camera, and my wallet was still there.

It's funny how, in my illogical emotional mind, I can't help but think someone at the party STOLE my camera. It reminds me of a video I recently saw on the internet (I'm not even going to link to it, because it's so goofy), where a guy is trying to make the case that an old (1920's old) Charlie Chaplin film shows a woman walking with a cell phone held up to her ear. Yes, a cell phone, so she MUST be a time traveler. His assertion: there's no other explanation; there's nothing else it can be.

I'm trying not to do that, but it's so easy to jump to conclusions. I've sent an email to the host of the party and was very careful not to sound accusatory. I hope I did just misplace it, instead of worrying that one of those nice people at the party took my stuff. But now I'll be more careful. It's a good thing it will cost "only" $150 to replace.

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  1. I know where you're coming from on this one. I've done a very similar thing (more than once) and then found the item and very sheepishly (oh yeah, oops) remembered putting it there myself. Let's hope your camera turns up soon.


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