Friday, October 1, 2010

Night and day

Knitters often have several projects going at once. I've been working on this vest for a few months. I realized the other day I went 3" (whatthehellwasIthinking!!!) past the point where I should have started the two lace panels on the front and the back. I have woven a piece of yarn in most of the way around that I can rip back to, but haven't actually done it. Come to think of it, maybe I could just start the lace where I am and it would be just be shallower. We'll see.

The deal with the purple Passiflora vest is that the yarn is DK weight, which means it's certainly beefier than sock yarn, but thinner than worsted. Thus, it takes 200+ stitches to go once around the piece. I like the look of the fabric, to be sure. There's something smooth and neat about those small stitches. But I put it down a few weeks ago and haven't picked it back up yet. And the socks I am working on? 4/5 done with one, and it's waiting patiently.

Enter Liesl. I had bought about 500 yards of this yarn (Fiesta Watermark) on sale last spring and wanted to do something with all of it. It's something like Aran or Chunky weight and the difference between knitting with this on size 11 needles and knitting with DK weight is night and day. Talk about instant gratification. It's hard to get in knitting projects, you kind of have to be a process person for it to hold your interest, but I love this project!

I started it about a week ago, and am about 2/3 through the second ball. The plan is to use up three balls on the length, then divide the last ball in half and use that for the sleeves. I forgot to put in button holes, so I'll get a nice ribbon and tie it closed at the top.

I love this heavy yarn stuff so much, here are my next two ideas: Sunkist (the link is to a pdf of the pattern) and Owls. My level of satisfaction with this project is quite high.

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