Monday, October 4, 2010

Lookout Mountain

B and I went hiking on Saturday, on a trail that led to a place called Lookout Mountain. It was a glorious day - perfect weather. It was also somewhere around hunting season, hence B's red shirt and Sally's kerchief. I had a red shirt on as well. The trail was up up up, but had some interesting geology, and I brought home a couple of interesting rocks, one with lots of mica, and one that looks like it could be garnet, or dark reddish quartz or something similarly pretty.

We happened upon this huge pile of what looked like maybe the pole peelings pile from an old saw mill, or a collapsed mine, or something. I got the order wrong, the photo below is what I saw first coming up the trail, and the one above was taken a little after that.
No sign saying what it was, no "Keep Off", nothing.

We stopped for lunch and Sally looked like one of those lions on the Serengeti, although they don't wear kerchiefs for visibility.

And this was the view. I think we were at about 10,600'. Not as high as a lot of stuff in the area, but it was a pretty steep trail for me. Even so, I did pretty well, and was thinking I'm in better shape than I have been for a while. Need to keep it that way! It was good to get out.


  1. Looks like a great hike, Linda. Sally does resemble a Serengeti lion; what a lovely dog she is!

  2. great time of year for a walk, and I really like walking with my dog. been working some different hours now and missing my morning walks with the dog, but as the days get shorter, it's more of a struggle to get up in the dark to do it!


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