Sunday, October 10, 2010

Signs of Progress

I finally (as in wanting to do it for about three years kind of finally) got around yesterday to painting my front door and the trim in the front of the house. My house is plain to begin with, and when I bought it, it had sort of a light green trim that you really couldn't see as trim.

I've felt like kind of a slacker in terms of how "nice" my house is. My gardens look good, but I don't water my lawn enough, that kind of thing. I live in the older part of town where people put a lot of time and money into making their houses look good. Next door, they are finishing a fix and flip that will likely have a $400-$450K asking price. The house across the street was bought, gutted and fixed up by an older gentleman who is living there, and the other folks across the street painted their house last summer and it always looks nice.

I think I've increased the "pop" factor of the trim. My only complaint is that there are so many layers of paint on the window frames that they are very bumpy, and it was hard to get paint everywhere it needed to go. But it's done, and it looks pretty good and I like my purple door. I also used the same purple to stamp around the house numbers (which I blotted out in the above photo), and the border makes the numbers pop, and I like the effect.

In other news, this is the doorjamb between my kitchen and the back hallway of my house. It's probably hard to read, but those marks are how tall Mr W has been, starting a few months after I bought the house, up through last week. He's grown about a foot in 4 and half years, which isn't unusual, but still pretty amazing to see it laid out like that. He's been settling into fourth grade, and I think he's got the homework routine down (finally).

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