Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This and that

Here's a photo from the CSA farm potluck last weekend. I thought I took more pictures, but this one shows the spirit of the event. Folks talking, kids running around with sticks (I was a little bummed out the Mr W was with his dad - he would have happily wielded a stick along with the other boys), and a beautiful sunny day. OK, I don't actually see any sticks in the picture either, but you get my point. Those kids had a blast.

That's Claire in the white, who owns the farm with her husband Matt. And there in the hoop house are the chickens (those very chickens) I get my eggs from. I love that.

And this, well, this is a nice fall shot from the hike a couple of weeks ago, but was too nice not to share. It's been a warm fall, and we might have had our first hard frost last night, but maybe not. It's been late coming this year.

I might try to get out camping with Mr W one last time. I think my favorite campgrounds has electric sites on until the end of the month. I know, I know, that's pretty wimpy, but it would be nice to have the little heater going while we were tucked into the van enjoying the evening.

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