Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Saturday post

The last couple of days have had a couple of blast from the past moments.

I was looking for something in the no man's land that is my glove compartment and found a pay stub from 1996, when I worked for the City of Toledo. I'm proud to say that I now make over twice as much as I did then, but do recall that at the time, it felt like I was making a good wage. And I loved the job, working in outdoor education with people who valued science. I was thinking how they had a pension system, where if people put their 20 years in they'd get a pension for the rest of their lives, some percentage of their highest year(s) of salary. These days that sounds so strange to me, that a government could afford to do that.

Then, I got an email from B, a guy I dated for a few months last year. He lives in the neighborhood, and is a man of few words. The email simply had a subject line: "For Sale?"  in reference to me selling the van (which, btw, has not been sold). So we've traded a few one line emails, and might get together for lunch. He bought me lunch when it looked like I was going to lose my job, and I want to return the favor, as his hours at work have been cut way back and he's looking for a job.

Then, I went to the liquor store to buy my monthly box o' wine and the whole place smelled like cooking garlic - yum! I paid for my purchase and looked over to see that the person cooking was my old boss from the first job I had when I came to town. I did digital image editing for a company that made artsy rubber stamps. We chatted for a minute, but he had several things cooking, so I got a card from him and will get in touch soon. The last time I saw him was the summer I was getting divorced, and my world was upside down. It'll be nice to tell my "benevolent Jewish uncle" as I called him, how well things are going.

I'm driving to Denver today to get the files from my old computer transferred to the new one, so I need to get moving. Happy weekend, all!

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