Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bracelet 1.1

So here is the first bracelet that I glued. The coils are not what I'll use, as I've bought some from someone on Etsy and they aren't here yet. But the rest is pretty much what I'm going for. 

Sadly, it's a little snug on my wrist, but it gives me the opportunity to take it to the local bead store, where they've got toggle clasps, and I'm hoping I can buy some of those and ask them to show me how to switch  them out.


  1. Good first attempt! Very attractive. Working on another one yet?

  2. Yes! And my gluing skills are improving...

  3. Nice! If you want to improve your own wireworking skills (instead of buying components from someone else) check out Sharilyn Miller's "Bead on a Wire" and the magazine Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry ( You may not be making jewelry in this style, but the techniques are useful.


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