Saturday, November 12, 2011

More bracelet stuff

So here's the next three bracelets I've been working on. Not glued yet, so if something looks crooked, it will be fixed. Sorry for the blurriness - still getting new software issues worked out. I'm also still waiting on the nice little metal coils, which will go on the blank pads on these. Thanks to Alison for the suggestion that I can make them myself. Having to wait over a week (so far) for them motivates me to do that.

I like how the clay pieces turned out. I've discovered that almost anything mixed with gold polymer clay looks nice.

I like them so far. I look at these, though, and think that they need just a little more something. I don't know, there's actually a lot going on, but I like the idea of a little thing that catches your eye, whether you're wearing it or looking at it on someone else's wrist.

The solution? Dancing cats:

Or, equally likely, monkeys:

Both from the same shop on Etsy. Go figure.

I think one of these will add just that little bit of interest that I'm looking for. It's been hard to find such goofy little charms in the right size. Because of the small size of the pads, I might also explore bracelets with fewer, larger pads (eight, I think) to be able to use larger pieces. But I like the scale of my original design. It suits me, anyway.

Here's something else I've noticed. You search Etsy for bracelet, and there are over 400,000 hits. But if you search Etsy for "bracelet large wrist" there's only 300 or so. I'm an average sized person with larger than average wrists, as I mentioned in a previous post. Hmm. Perhaps this is a niche.


  1. I particularly like these because of the lovely blue color in them . . . would go great with light colored jeans!

    I have a small wrist but my daughter has a large one and does certainly have a hard time finding bracelets that fit her. So you may well be on to something there: Bracelets for big-hearted, big-wristed gals!!

  2. Love how creative you are!

    Also love the monkeys in denial and dancing cats!


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