Saturday, November 19, 2011


A house across the street had an estate sale yesterday and today. It was packed!! Today was half-off day, so I went over after the line (yes, there was a LINE) subsided. How very cool to get a glimpse of these people's lives and be given a chance to honor it a bit. I didn't know the woman who passed, but she was quite the crafter. Her husband apparently was an architect and spent time in the Army in WWII. 

Here's a practice drawing the husband did. You can see his name at the bottom.

Funky chimes - a horse and a camel. The third part is missing, so it hangs funny, but I liked it.

A timely purchase, as Mr W has been studying his state capitals in preparation for a test coming up in December. This is a wheel to help learn the capitals (and other info), plus lists each state's "favorite Kellogg's cereal". Lots of Corn Flakes fans and apparently some All-Bran ones as well.

Isn't this pretty? It's a thread sampler from 1940 or thereabouts.

This might be my favorite find of the day. Vintage issues of the The Home Arts Magazine. The top issue is from March 1935 and it is of a woman behind the wheel of a car, and the driver behind her has to shout to get her attention because her level of knitting-induced bliss is so very high. Ha! Apparently law enforcement needed to be summoned as well. It seems I've seen this image before, have any of you?

This is a little glass ornament. Really light and delicate, and the metal bit at the top is dark and a bit rusted. I like the idea of re-homing this little piece to make it now part of our Christmas ornaments.


  1. Love your old-timey finds . . . especially The Home Arts Magazines!

  2. I think the woman knitting is a Norman Rockwell cover (he did do covers for Home Arts), so it's not surprising you've seen it before.


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