Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This bracelet thing is starting to take on a life of its own. I've set up an Etsy shop, although there's nothing listed yet because I have to make more pieces and then photograph them. It's called Physaria. I'm in the learning phase of how to present stuff, and thinking about what kind of feel I want to show through for my shop.

It's costing me a little bit of sleep because I've got ideas, but it's not like being stressed out about negative stuff. It's more like thinking about the details of a project.

But so far so good. I'm setting up, in addition to the Etsy shop, a blog that will be called Physaria Designs, so I'll sell through both.

I'm glad I have some space in the basement to work, because my dining room table is usually covered with works in progress. I need a better way to organize my supplies, too. Keeping each element in its own zip lock bag is OK, but I might need something with drawers to store things in. So I can see it all at once.

I bought a bunch (103) old watch movements on eBay - lord help me. These are just the movements, so someone's already taken the cases, crystals and bands off, saving me a bunch of time.

OK, this post is just ramblings from my less than organized thought process right now. Things are good.

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  1. It may be an unorganized process right now but isn't it fun? :o}


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