Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's so quiet

I'm typing this from my brand spankin' new 13" Mac. D was right  - the 13 is plenty big and the picture quality is really nice. And it's not making any noise. The fan on the old computer was a bit of a wheezer.

I still have a lot to learn, but it's good to be on the internet again. I need to set up an appointment with the Mac people to transfer the old files to the new computer. It's funny, a 70 GB hard drive seemed pretty roomy 6 years ago when I bought the old computer.  This one came standard with a 500GB one.

I went to the Native Plant Society meeting tonight. Saw some folks I knew, listened to a good speaker and had a good time.

I received a bunch of old watches that I purchased on eBay. There is something satisfying about taking apart an old watch and seeing the gears inside.

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  1. I love my Mac. I've almost had it 5 years! The big dilemma now is whether to go Macbook Pro with my next one...Right now, I'm thinking it would be worth it!


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