Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Orphans

It sounds tragic, doesn't it? To be an orphan on Thanksgiving. Since I'm traveling next week for work, and flying to OH for a few days before Christmas, I figured I'd lay low for this one. I did ask Mr W, who will be having the traditional celebration over at his dad's the next day, what he wanted to do, and he didn't really have strong feelings for it. I was trying to gauge whether he had yearnings for traditional celebrations, but he didn't really have an opinion.

I suggested we have something that wasn't turkey, so maybe I could make spaghetti and meatballs for our celebration, and maybe we wouldn't get out of our pj's for the day. He thought that sounded good. I didn't feel like I was missing anything, really. When I was growing up, my family did put on the traditional feast. I never appreciated the finesse my mom showed in getting all that food on the table, warm, in the absence of a microwave. Kudos, ma.

I've been busy with this bracelet thing, so having a couple of days off to chill sounded appealing. I guess I'm saying that I could have found somewhere for us to go, but didn't really feel the need, since I'd see my family next month. I try not to attach too much meaning to not having firm thanksgiving plans each year. I'm hoping that once I settle down with someone, he and I will establish a new tradition.

But then a celebration found me. I was chatting with J from my Spin class. She and her husband are involved in the local music scene here, and I've gone to several of the shows they've been involved with. She scoffed (nicely) at my plans for spaghetti, and said I was invited to their house, which is conveniently within easy walking distance of mine. I accepted, and will bring a cherry pie, made from frozen pitted pie cherries I bought at a farmer's market this summer. Oops, I need to pull those out of the freezer!

So we have plans. And it's something of an extra-good, as opposed to pulling me up from bad to neutral, if that makes sense. I was OK doing what I had planned, but am grateful to be invited to a celebration.


  1. Your post makes me thinking of "bloom where you are planted." You were fine with the non-traditional Thanksgiving and staying home for a cozy, leisurely day with your son. A very comfortable kind of "blooming." Then when you had an opportunity to be "transplanted" to another environment, you shifted gears and kept right on blooming! Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your son.

  2. That just sounds perfect! I would LOVE to spend Thanksgiving in my PJs. Sharing the meal with friends is Thanksgiving in it's truest sense. Have a wonderful day!


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