Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh yeah, the camera

So I've managed to wrestle the new computer away from Mr W for a few minutes to try to import some photos from my camera. I am going to benefit a lot from the free training that Apple offers. I haven't figured out how to reduce the file size for photos, so these are probably larger than they need to be. Sorry about that. 

Above is a picture of one of my Serviceberry trees that split at the base and came to rest on my van in the snow storm of two weeks ago. As opposed to the next one after that. It's been weirdly snowy so far this season. But the temps are reasonable, so the stuff is melting well. It's also weird that these trees still have the majority of their leaves. As though they are really confused as to what to do next. The van was fine, btw. 

Here's my bracelet making workspace yesterday. I'm waiting on one more element, wire coils made from nicer wire, from a seller on Etsy, and I've got all I need. I have realized that I do enjoy the "hunt" as in finding these things in order to have what I need to assemble this first set of bracelets. 

I've realized I'm a fumbly gluer. Or else I need better tools to hold the pieces while I glue them. Probably the latter. But the above picture is a pre-glued version of what the first ones will likely look like. The polymer clay pieces are too thick, and I've redone them so they are thinner, and like that better. 

I'd also like to have a pop of color, and will look into changing up the color of the clay pieces (I like the metallic clays) or of the little beads I've attached to the coils. But this is the first prototype, and I like it so far. I like it also that it's sort of this evolving thing. 


  1. Don't cha just love the way being creative makes your brain feel exercised?

    P.S. I'm voting for more "pops of color," too. This limping-along-old-world needs it.

  2. I love the different shapes! I always use tweezers when I have to glue something small. Can't wait to see the finished product!


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