Thursday, March 13, 2008

Almost done

After Christmas I had the idea to start knitting a sweater. I looked around and found an easy pattern from for a "neck down" sweater. It's a really neat idea, and has been very appropriate for my skill level right now. You cast on stitches for the neck, and regularly increase stitches until the top 1/4 is done. Then you slip the sleeve stitches onto scrap yarn, finish the body and come back for the sleeves. There's no sewing together of the pieces.

I wanted something that didn't use really thick yarn, so I could wear it without getting too hot. Well, of course the downside of using thinner yarn is that it TAKES FOREVER to get the garment completed. Not really, but it's been a big project.

I'm making myself work on the sweater before I start the next project(s). I'm down to the last sleeve, and hope to get it done by the end of the weekend. Here is a picture of my next project, which I'm going to modify to make into a binocular holder for the binocs CB has been nice enough to lend me. It will be my first foray into felting, and it's a good motivator to finish the sweater - before it's too warm to wear it!!

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