Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mini-rant: coach's salaries

I was reading the paper this morning, and CSU fired its women's basketball coach, hiring her assistant to coach next season. She still had two years left on her contract, which the article insinuated CSU will pay.

Guess how much a women's basketball coach at a mediumly-large university makes.

Go ahead, guess.

Wait, before you guess, let me tell you that a new assistant professor in biology makes around 50K, plus start up money for a lab and travel to meetings. So, knowing that, you think, 'well, basketball is very secondary to academics. It is a univerisity after all. And the basketball season is only a portion of the school year.'

So, maybe 40K?

No, sorry, she makes about $125,000 a year, and the new coach will start at $115,000.

What the hell?

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