Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Old House

I bought a "fix and flip" house in 2005 that met all of my criteria: close to downtown, close to the elementary school I wanted Mr. W to go to, and small yard. It seems lots of people want this kind of house, and when I saw it listed, my realtor had me put a bid on it that day (as soon as I was sure it was the one, of course).
It has largely lived up to expectations and exceeded some. There were vegetables on my back doorstep the afternoon I moved in from my wonderful neighbor Susan. The neighbors on the other side are likewise great and have two boys and watch my house when I'm gone. It's been so great to stroll downtown on summer evenings, and bike over to City Park to play.

But, there have been several old-house things (it was built in 1905) that have needed my attention as well. Last summer I had to get the sewer line repaired. While the leak from the line quietly swept dirt away from my foundation, it cracked and I need to fork over $1500 to get that repaired this spring.

And there's been this wierd leak that is very occasional and comes down the pipe that vents the furnace. Smart furnace-guy said today that the people who put the new furnace in should have replaced it, because water is condensing in and around it, then leaking down into the basement. They'll be back out for an estimate tomorrow. *sigh*

At least the roof doesnt' need to be replaced (YET!).

The illustration above is of a townhome style I really like. They are being built about a mile from where I live now. No, I'm not looking to pack up any time soon, but a brand-spanking new pad definitely has a strong appeal.

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