Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Favorite Kids Books (the start of a series)

I've read to Mr W forever, and our routine at my house is three books before bed, read in my bed. I then give him a piggy back ride to his bed. I used to be able to lift and carry him more easily, but he's just too big.

I aim for about 20-30 minutes of reading, so I have to choose the books carefully. For whatever reason, reading three books is important to him.

What kind of kids books do you like? I tend to choose ones about stuff that has a little bit to do with reality, but also a major fantasty component. Books about talking animals, aliens, wierd and great stuff happening to regular kids - that's the stuff that appeals to me. I say "to me" because I usually pick out the books at the library to fit into our schedule. And I want to be interested in what I'm reading. Reality can be so boring... Or, I guess, reality happens all the time, why not escape in a book.

That being said, we are currently reading a book on the Hindenberg, done at a kid's level. It's a picture book, and Mr W likes it a lot. And we occasionally get the one out about Casey Jones, so I guess we do a bit of nonfiction.

But the book I wanted to write about today is "A Bad Case of Stripes" by David Shannon. It's about Camilla Cream, who "loved lima beans, but never ate them". Sadly, she was afraid of what the other kids would say. So afraid, that one day, she come down with, you guessed it, a bad case of stripes, and for a while, the power of suggestion makes her stripes turn into different patterns. In the end, she is cured by a kind old woman "just as plump and sweet as a strawberry", who tosses some lima beans into her mouth. Being able to admit it, even though it's not like everyone else, that she loves lima beans, she turns back into her old self again.

Yes, indeed. Be true to yourself, even if it means admitting you like lima beans.

Mr W and I agree, although we don't like lima beans.

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