Friday, March 14, 2008

Dog School

I bought a Labradoodle puppy about a year ago. She's an F1 (first generation) hybrid of a poodle and a lab - what they used to call a mutt. And she is awesome as far as dogs go. Mr W and I named her Sally, he for the character in the Cars movie, and I for knowing two Sallies that were more than worthy of naming a dog after.

It had been a long time since I had a puppy. Ursa died last year at 11 years old. So it's been a lot of the "oh my god, what do you have now???" stealing laundry, pulling papers off the table, that kind of thing. But she's also very very sweet. She's big, almost 80 lbs., but will stand there for well-placed scratches for as long as a person will give them.

And she goes to dog school. I knew I had to run her once a day, and have settled on a combination of coming home over lunch and taking her to the dog park, and taking her to "doggy day care" i.e. dog school, two or three times a week. It wears her out and she is content to sleep on my bed until it's time to go in her crate at bedtime.

The other day, the dog school people were very apologetic when I got there. Seems there was a tangling of teeth and tags while Sally and another dog were wrestling. She lost a tooth when it got hooked on another dog's tags. Ouch. I thought she'd be in resting mode for at least 24 hours, but the next morning she was rarin' to go. Amazing

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