Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Jeepers, Creepers, Peepers!

I have signed Mr. W and myself up to be frog survey volunteers for the city's program to find out more about local amphibians. I don't actually know if they get Spring Peepers around here, but we will know all that stuff soon.

When I read about it in the paper, I had visions of me and Mr. W out at dusk on spring evenings, with our flashlights and clipboards, listening and deciding what frog species we were hearing and gathering data like real scientists.

Admittedly, this exercise is not just to increase our knowledge of local herps. I see in him a real propensity toward those computer games, and I want to bring some balance to the force, as it were. I think it's good to get kids outside to see how cool nature is (as cool as computer games, in a different way, though, IMO).

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