Monday, March 10, 2008

Summer Plans

Summer is starting to shape up. I'll go to a conference in beautiful Minneapolis, MN in June to present the work I've been doing for the last year. I might also do some field work for work, collecting more specimens for population genetic studies. There's is also a two-week workshop that would be great to go to if I could swing being gone for two weeks, but I have my doubts I'll be able to do that.

As far as trips for fun, I'll probably head to the desert to see CB a time or two. Also, I'm really looking forward to trying to swing a whale-watching trip to see Blue Whales off the coast of CA. I don't know, whales and giant squid and big things just fascinate me. Seems I should make and effort to see them at least once. And Santa Barbara is really nice to visit, too. Nice botanic garden there.

Flippers crossed.

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