Saturday, January 29, 2011


I've tried, I really have.  I know that some people clip coupons and save a good chunk of change when they go shopping.  I suspect that the avid ones actually enjoy this process.  I'm sorry to say that I don't.  The thought of maintaining a little folio of coupons fills me with dread. 

There's an organization in town called Be Local, and they put out a coupon book twice a year or so, with, obviously, coupons for goods and services from local businesses.  Last year I bought the book for $10-15 and put in in my car, where I would have it handy for all the local shopping that I try to do anyway.  I didn't use any of the coupons, and they're all expired now, as the new book is out.  Ergggg.

I was talking to a friend at the dog park yesterday.  She's very good at supporting local businesses, and volunteers pretty regularly for various events around town.  She told me she never used any of the coupons in her last book either, and that made me feel a little less bad. 


  1. Facebook has me so spoiled. I wish there was a "like" button here!

  2. I admit I find coupons pretty useless. It's rare that I find a coupon for something that I'd be buying anyway. Most of the time they're for name-brand products that still cost more than the generic even with the coupon. Definitely more time than it's worth to me.


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