Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dispair and Triumph

I wanted to share a couple of Christmas pictures from Mr W's second Christmas.  That's one of the very few perks of having divorced parents, you get multiple Christmases, and therefore potentially more loot.  To keep Mr W humble, and to give myself a laugh, I do a couple of things at Christmas.  The first is to joke about giving underwear, and then to actually give underwear.  This is met with the following:

I then put a couple of things under the tree and make Mr W work for the rest.  A kind of scavenger hunt, that I realized too late was entirely too easy this year, but I'm up for the challenge and will tweak it a bit for next year.  It starts with an envelope under the tree, and then he's got to answer clues (maybe I'll have him do math problems next year...) to get to the next clue.  This year it was stuff like, "Where would you find a washcloth to wash your face?" and "Where do you put the tupperware away when you empty the dish drainer?"  Easy peasy.  The end results, though, are met with expressions like this:

I love the contrast.  And I wish I had a pair of Batman pants.


  1. Adorable post. What warm, fuzzy memories it will bring back to him in 15-20 years!


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