Friday, January 21, 2011

I have a gardening question

My raised beds had their first year of service last year, and I've got two of them, just a few feet apart.  I put zucchini, peppers (which were totally shaded out by the zukes), green beans (which the dog kept eating - I thought they jusst weren't producing) and tomatoes in one bed, and broccoli, melons, peas, lettuce and carrots in the other.

My question is, can I do another year with basically the same stuff in the same beds, or do I need to switch them every year?  I bought a soil/compost mix from a local landscape supply company to fill the boxes initially.

Your thoughts, garden people?


  1. I would switch each variety of veggie to a different bed (or at least a different location in the same bed if that's all you can do) for sure. They take different things out of the soil so crop rotation makes the most sense. If you have any way of adding compost and/or new good soil to the beds each year that will only make the soil better and able to handle your limited rotation possibilities. Hope this helps!

  2. Agreed. And try to keep Sally out of the crops!


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