Friday, January 21, 2011

Some good news in Agriculture

I occasionally read the Civil Eats blog. I like their common-sense approach to talking about food issues. They had a blog post recently that talked about some good news in agriculture for a change. The link below has the whole piece, which has a lot of links, so I'll just put this main one here.

Worldwatch Report Reveals Real Agricultural Solutions

This report is on a global scale, but I liked reading it because it seems like third world problems are often treated as needing only technology to solve.

I have been starting to think about my garden again. It's still funny to me how cyclical the process is. Come October, I'm so over gardening and trying to use up what I've grown. But now, after the holidays, I'm sniffing around the gardening websites, and thinking about how I'm going to try to improve the soil in my raised beds, what to grow, etc. It's like gardening comes back to pick me up around this time of the year.

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