Monday, January 17, 2011


We are lucky indeed to live about an hour from Rocky Mountain National Park, but I confess I don't spend a lot of time there because dogs (understandably) aren't allowed on the trails.  There's plenty of other places to hike with dogs, so that's what we do, but RMNP is still in a class by itself.  This past weekend they had a "get in free" day, and there were several snowshoe manufacturers and outfitters there with demo snowshoes for people to try. 

I thought it would be good to get Mr W out and on some snowshoes, as it's a pretty easy thing to do, and I was hoping he and I (and the dog, with her winter booties) could all go out sometime and tromp around in the snow.  So we went, and at his suggestion, took the van, which is great for this kind of thing because there's room to change boots, or clothes for that matter.  And there's the cool factor...

We snowshoed for a bit, maybe 20 minutes, because there were a lot of people on the trail.  It was enough to get an idea of whether our gear was adequate, and whether Mr W would be up for this kind of thing in the future.  Yes to both.  I'm pleased that the exercise I've been doing for the last few months seems to be paying off; I didn't get winded as easily as other folks on the trail. 

I'm going to work today, and of all government holidays, I always feel like this one in particular was given for a reason.  I feel on the one hand that I should participate in one of the MLK things going on, but on the other, it's a day to work and bank for later.  Slightly guilty, but I will work today.

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  1. Another plus of snowshoeing -- studies have shown that the "walking" motion on snowshoes works specifically to slim female hips! Yay, for snowshoes!! :o)


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