Monday, January 31, 2011

Only so many words

I feel like I have been sparse on posting the last few days, and it's because I've been completing the applications for the teaching jobs I'm interested in.  The one's focus is Botany, Genetics, Ecology and Environmental Science - totally up my alley - and I have put a lot of time and mental energy into getting the cover letter and my teaching philosophy (both have to be but one page each) right. The other position is General Biology, and is local, so I'm putting in for that one as well, but am more excited about the possibility of teaching Botany and Genetics.  It's still wacky to me that there are even two positions open.

I think I got them both to sound the way I want them to sound.  It's funny, I have to sort of suspend my fears of what would happen if I DID get the job, in order to write like I really really wanted the job.  Having the Botany/Genetics job would introduce a 40 minute (one way) commute, give me a $9,000 pay cut, and involve lots of work to get ready to teach.  On the up side, it's a 9 month position, it's a 9 month position, and it's a 9 month position.  And I'd be teaching, which I really do enjoy.

I'm glad I'm throwing my hat in the ring, and am excited about the possibilities.


  1. My first reaction is OUCH! A $9,000 pay cut? On the other hand, if you can handle that (and I assume you can since you're applying) and you enjoy teaching, go for it! We spend so much of our lives earning a living, how wonderful when it can be doing something we truly enjoy. That can go a looonng way toward a happy, fulfilling life.


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