Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rumor Mill

Like almost everywhere, there are budget issues where I work. There was supposed to be a big cut this fiscal year, but it wasn't as large as anticipated, so there haven't been any layoffs. To their credit, the management is pretty forthcoming as to what's going on, and it looks like it might be kind of grim in the next couple of years. Speaking only for myself, on the one hand, I'm not too surprised at the possibility of not being renewed because I have a contract position.  It's always kind of been in the background that at the end of any given year, I might not be renewed.  On the other hand, though, a lot of government contractor positions aren't like that. Mr W's dad has been in his contract position for 11 years, and there's a person at work who's had his for 10. But it helps keep it real, so to speak, in my mind, if I assume that the party might be over when July rolls around.

As you can imagine, this situation is ripe for speculation.  I was talking to someone, who had been talking to someone yesterday, and what they heard - I'll stop right here and make my point.  I'm trying not to give too much weight to this information because it's third hand, but I'm still mildly concerned.  That's how rumors work, right?  Well, the rumor was that there would be a 10% cut next year, which I think would mean we'd keep our jobs, and then a 50% cut the next year, which I'm pretty certain would mean jettisoning us contractors.  Or not, I really don't know.

I'm pleased I have some skills, but feel like I need more to be competitive.  I feel like I should do things to be more ready, should I face losing my job.  Even though I don't have any debt beside the van and my mortgage, I'm still edgy about the repercussions of losing my job and going on unemployment.  And I hate that, despite not really taking the rumor seriously, I still sort of am. 

Well, I have two teaching jobs to apply for, and I will do that this weekend.  The closing date isn't until February 4th, so I've got time.  I read on the one description, the local one, under the "Required" qualifications part, that they want 3 years of full time teaching experience.  As a requirement.  This sort of smells like they've got someone they are trying to give the job to.  For the other position, which is also a General Biology Instructor, for the same community college, just a different campus, there is no such teaching requirement, only that one has demonstrated proficiency at teaching. That one specifically mentions Botany and Genetics, so I might be more in the running for that one anyway.

I'm also going to give some thought as to what I would do if I did lose my job.  What then?


  1. Such very difficult economic times, eh? So many people not having or being able to find jobs, and then those with jobs never knowing how long they will have them. Retirees lucky enough to have a retirement fund are finding it's either being decreased and/or certainly getting no cost of living increase. Prices on everything are going up, up, up but salaries are definitely not following suit. I don't blame you for being concerned. Best of luck to all of us!

  2. Keep your eyes and ears open. I am working a part time stint at a local vet clinic, but there is a power struggle there that I walked into the middle of. I do a good job there and was hired by #1, but #2 does not like me because I was hired by #1. I thought we'd get past it, but I guess it is way deeper than I first thought. So, I'm torn on whether to keep looking, or look more aggressively for something else. This one is convenient for now, so I'm just treading water a bit. Also exploring some on-my-own type of things that scare me a bit. I'm doing health insurance cobra right now from my last job and I make enough working to pay that...not a lot more...part time job...Keep looking. The answers will show up for you.


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