Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green and an F.O.

We've been getting rain for the last couple of days, so everything is very green. Here's the intrepid rhubarb plant that grows just outside my back door. I thought I had gotten all the flowering stalks cut off, but this one peeped out. Looks like this will be the "do something with rhubarb" weekend.

My best laid plans for raspberry containment have already been overcome, as you can see they are escaping out to the left. I'll need to reassess and try something else for the upper part as well. But it's nice to think we'll have fresh razzleberries. I wonder if any will make it inside.

This is why I love perennials. The Delphinium (on the left) started greening up weeks ago, and it's the big, bold kind with spikes of dark blue flowers. Looks like it's time to thin the Iris (again!), and the rose in the back looks respectable after I finally cut the dead canes off last weekend.

Here's my boughten lettuce starts, planted around the beginning of April. I believe I'll have a salad tonight. I sewed the snap peas heavily, and there are a couple of the wimpy broccoli seedlings I started inside. The look better every day.

And last but not least, here's my Cadence! A Finished Object (F.O.) that is done but not blocked. the lace pattern at the top will lay flat and pop a lot more when I've blocked it, they tell me. I wish I had made it just a little longer, but I will see if I can get another inch out of it when I block it, and I could pick up stitches and add a couple more inches of ribbing at the bottom because I've got plenty of yarn. This was done in Cascade Ecowool Plus, and two of their massive (400+ yard) skeins were more than enough for this sweater, made in a large (38? maybe a 40 inch bust), and I have about half a skein left, so this took about 600 yards. A real bargain.


  1. Nice! Garden is looking strong. Maybe just another couple rotations of string would keep your berries under control. Re: perennials - planted a sweet spire this is being devoured by these little metalic green flying nasties. I need to read up on them. I thought it was indigenous to SC...but maybe they are too. Lovely garden. Ron

  2. gorgeous sweater--you are ever so talented

  3. Your lettuce looks wonderful. Enjoy a big salad tonight!

    It's been my experience that raspberry shoots can't be contained. I just keep pulling or digging out sprouts I get where I don't want them. Get them small and they pop right out.

    I'm so eager for our first rhubarb picking! I went out to check last night and my stalks are still only about 6" long. Come on, rhubarb!

    Your sweater is lovely. I'll bet you can block a little more length into it.

  4. L - you never cease to amaze and inspire me! You go, girl!!

  5. Very nice work, on all fronts!

  6. Thanks, all! :-)

    I'll pull out the intruding raspberries....

  7. I love seeing the world green up again after a long winter. And your FO is beautiful!


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