Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Party's Over

The pity party, that is.

Maybe it's being able to get the thoughts written down here, or maybe it's actively trying to see what other people are going through. Either way, I'm good. I've got my perspective back, and although I haven't 'let it go' all the way (still have a pinkie-hold on it - maybe two fingers) I'm closer to doing so.

I applied for another job today, and that helps as well. I find that (OK, please excuse the obviousness of what I'm going to say) if I keep busy, especially doing things that make me happy, that goes a long way in maintaining the right attitude.

K? K.


  1. Short-lived pity parties are not all bad... Keep the momentum moving forward, remain open, and keep asking for what you want from life...

    Know you are worthy and you are loved...
    K? K.


  2. K.

    Thanks, Ms. S. I intend to.

    How's things by you?


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