Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shopping Bag Experiment

I got a couple of fabric shopping bags from a friend the other day. Shortly after, I was at the garden center, looking at potato grow bags, for which the garden place wanted $15 apiece. I didn't buy any, and then yesterday, had the idea of using these, because they are the same material. I tried a black plastic grow bag for potatoes last year, but they got too wet and rotted. 

I put a bit of soil in the bottom, after I took out the flat plastic piece, and put the seed potatoes on top. The one on the far right is itself an experiment, being one sprouted, organic Yukon Gold potato from Whole Foods that got away from me. I covered them, and will water them with the soaker hose, which needs to be repaired before I can use it.

In other news, I had coffee and lunch with P yesterday. I admit I don't feel a spark yet, but he's nice, and we have a fair bit in common.

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